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Raffle tickets are printed on white 80gsm bond 210mm wide by 72mm deep.  This includes a counterfoil 60mm and has a double perforation as standard.  Raffle tickets can be printed on tinted/coloured or recycled paper at an extra cost.  Price on application.



The standard coulours used are green, red, blue and black.  Other colours can be used but may incur an extra charge.  Whilst we endeavour to meet specific requests on colours, this may not always be possible, particularly during peak periods.


Artwork and Proofing


Free proofing (Valid until 30th June 2020)

All jobs are designed and proofed at no additional cost via PDF.  However, if the job is not printed by us, a charge will be levied of £15 to cover our costs.



We have a large stock of graphics/clip art for most raffles, draws and themed events.  However, should you wish to supply a logo specific to your organisation, all we require is a clear copy, preferably black as a PDF or jpeg, this can be included at no additional cost.


Reverse Printing

We are often asked to print sponsorship adverts and other text on the reverse of the raffle tickets.  This is not a problem to us and is an excellent way for you to increase your fundraising return by having a sponsor pay for the raffle tickets.

An additional charge to the Base Price will be made contact us  for details.



Tickets fixed into books other than multiples of 5. e.g. 4's, 6's or 8's please add £5.00 per 1000 tickets.


Express 7 Service

7 working day service from pass of proof available for orders up to 20,000 tickets.

Orders up to 5,000 tickets, please add £13.00.

Orders from 5,001 - 10,000 tickets, please add £19.00.

Orders from 10,001 - 20,000 tickets, please add £29.00.


Express 4 Service

4 working day service from pass of proof available for orders up to 5,000 tickets, please add £27.00.



Legal Requirements

Raffle tickets for sale to the general public are governed by the Gambling Act 2005 and as such must conform as follows by stating:

  • Name of organisation running the draw
  • Date and venue of the draw
  • Promoter's name and address
  • Name of local authority with which the organisation is registered under the Gambling Act 2005 and licence number. 
  • Each ticket must be evenly priced (it is ILLEGAL to offer tickets at 25p each - 5 for £1)


Private Raffles and Draws

For tickets not on sale to the general public but which are restricted for sale to members of one club, society or workforce, it is not necessary to register with the local authority.  Tickets should state the promoter's name and address and who the sale of tickets is restricted to.


 Registered Charities

 If the organisation running the draw is a registered charity, then the ticket should confirm this by stating its registered charity number.


Delivery on our standard service will be 10 working days from pass of proof. The price includes delivery to one mainland UK address.


Please note: Later requests for extra tickets of the same job will be charged as a new order.


 To order, please see our Raffle Ticket Order Page or Contact us 


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